Pawel Tonski

Pawel Tonski is based in Taxand Poland where he became a partner of Crido Taxand in January 2010. A graduate of statistics and demographics from Warsaw School of Ecomonics (SHG), Pawel gained experience as a tax advisor at Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young before joining the Polish tax practice, Crido Taxand.

Pawel specialises in real estate, income tax matters and international tax law. He has particular experience in real estate investment tax analyses, assessment of the tax and business aspects of acquisitions and mergers, as well as the developing of effective structures for domestic and international investments by companies and individuals from the tax point of view.

During his career, Pawel has taken part in the development and implementation of many domestic and international investment structures allowing for tax effective planning of cash flows including refinancing credits.

Pawel advised on the preparation of fixed asset registration for new and newly acquired real estate property relative to the indirect tax implications (VAT and legal taxes) for real estate transactions.

Pawel has conducted comprehensive tax reviews (eg procedure review, due diligence), analyses of permanent establishment matters for foreign investments in Poland and domestic parties investing abroad. He also took part in developing arrange of structures for Polish listed public limited companies allowing for effective distribution of capital market activity earnings.