Luc Jouk

Luc is based in Taxand Belgium where he is a partner of AB Taxand Belgium in Antwerp. He has over 20 years’ of experience in advising clients – both in a national and international environment – in corporate taxes, mergers, acquisitions and restructuring of groups, as well as estate planning for wealthy individuals and income tax issues.

He joined the international tax law firm Loyens & Loeff) at the beginning of 1990 and worked there until September 1995. At that time Luc established an independent tax advisory firm in Antwerp, Infiscad BVBA, which became AB Taxand Belgium in 2010. He joined Taxand Belgium in 2006.

Luc obtained a Master’s Degree in Economics (option Tax Law) at E.H.S.A.L. in Brussels. At the same institution Luc also studied Accountancy. Luc is a Certified Tax Advisor and a member of IFA, the Belgian Association of Tax Advisors (IAB) and BAB.