Ivan Khamenushko

Ivan Khamenushko is based in Taxand Russia where he is a senior partner with Pepeliaev Group.

Ivan specialises in financial law, including budget, tax and banking law, currency regulation and legal regulation of the securities market. Ivan primarily deals with tax issues for banks, investment companies, stock exchanges and insurance companies by providing advice and participating in litigation. In addition, Ivan advises companies operating in power industry and other branches of the economy and defends their interests in arbitration courts in disputes on taxes and currency regulation.

On numerous occasions, Ivan has successfully substantiated the expenses incurred by clients relating to payment for various services from related foreign companies. Ivan is able to leverage the experience gained from resolving such disputes to formalise appropriately relations between companies that are members of international financial groups, with due account of Russian tax legislation and case law.

Ivan has also played a key role in defending clients, which were contesting the transfer pricing claims of the tax authorities with respect to securities transactions. Some of the disputes were successfully resolved at the pre-trial stage. In the remaining disputes the courts dismissed the claims of the tax authorities in favour of our clients.

Ivan has participated in projects involving the implementation of cash pooling systems in Russia. He has also advised banks on tax and currency issues arising in the area of private banking.

In addition, for a number of years, our team of experts headed by Ivan Khamenushko has provided tax support for individuals – VIP clients of the company, including the drafting of tax returns, the reconciliation of all taxes and the settlement of various tax matters, such as the receipt of statements that taxpayers do not have any tax arrears, certificates on tax residency and statements on foreign banks accounts, as well as the resolution of all manner of disputes.