Ewelina Stamblewska-Urbaniak

Ewelina Stamblewska-Urbaniak is based in Taxand Poland where she is a partner of Crido Taxand. She is responsible for transfer pricing & business restructuring. 

Ewelina has over a decade of experience in providing tax advisory services. Her extensive experience includes, among other things, intra-group transactions planning, planning and implementation of transfer pricing policies, business restructuring (transfer of functions) and determination of exit payments, pricing of sales of goods and services (including financial and intangibles transactions), profit allocation to permanent establishments, preparation of supporting documentation for intangible services with a view to defending the tax deductibility of costs, liaising with the tax authorities, as well as preparation and verification of transfer pricing documentation.

Ewelina has advised companies in the transport, automotive, FMCG, financial intermediary and professional services sectors.
Ewelina has also  advised clients on managing their day-to-day VAT and CIT affairs, conducted comprehensive tax reviews, helped devise and implement tax management procedures and optimize client tax positions.

Ewelina embarked on her professional career in 2002, when she joined the tax advisory department at Ernst & Young. She is a licenced tax advisor and member of the ACCA.