Taxand USA webinar on foreign tax credits

25 Jun 2015

Taxand USA hosted a one-hour CPE credit webinar on how to maximise foreign credit limitation.

During the session, we turned our attention to the maximisation of foreign tax credits (FTCs) in light of the fact that many taxpayers are utilising their Net Operating Loss (NOL), an aspect of cash tax planning which is regaining popularity.

During the webinar, Taxand USA's tax and valuation services groups discussed how your business can benefit from FTCs, specifically explaining:

  • The benefits of electing the Fair Market Value (FMV) method versus the tax book value method and the associated documentation requirements to satisfy IRS scrutiny
  • Ways your company can maximise its FTC limitation under the FMV election
  • How A&M helps clients reduce the administrative burden associated with valuation and documentation requirements

Participants gained CPE point for completing this webinar.

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Thursday, 25th June 2015
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14:00 EDT

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