Taxand Hungary Fit for the Future Seminar

Taxand Hungary Fit for the Future Seminar

21 Oct 2010

This seminar, hosted by Taxand Hungary, will address the impact the economy has had on businesses and the need to maintain steady growth, coupled with appropriate legislation and regulation that continues to attract multinationals to invest in Hungary.

Hungary's economic environment continues to develop at an ever increasing pace. To remain an attractive market to invest in and to retain existing international investment local tax law needs to keep up with the speed at which the Hungarian economy is growing. Our Hungarian tax experts will be teaming up and speaking with our Taxand Austria expert, high ranking officials and tax specialists from the region to share insight and expertise on the latest tax law and its impact on the current climate.

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Thursday, 21st October 2010
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08:30 - 16:00 UTC
Marriott Hotel