Taxand Global Real Estate Tax Seminar

Taxand Global Real Estate Tax Seminar

12 May 2009

Hosted by Taxand Poland, this seminar programme was tailor-made for international investors seeking to invest in Polish real estate.

A packed day was planned, covering tax insights from the investment territory, Poland; holding company issues in Luxembourg and the Netherlands; perspectives from investor countries - France, Ireland and Germany - and a global view of how to profit in our economic climate. The event was hosted by Crido Taxand, the Polish member of Taxand. The seven seminar speakers lead Taxand real estate practices across Europe and were available towards the end of the day to attend individual meetings with clients. With queries about the event please contact Andrzej Puncewicz (E.; T.+48 22 324 59 49) or Paweł Toński (E.; T. +48 22 324 59 29).


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Tuesday, 12th May 2009
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12:45 UTC
Intercontinental Hotel