Taxand Global Compensation Tax Seminar

Taxand Global Compensation Tax Seminar

28 Oct 2011

Hosted by Taxand Netherlands, this seminar gave multinationals an overview of the latest compensation and equity trends in the major economies of the world.

Together with our Taxand Global Compensation team, who all lead national practices, we shared insights into the latest global tax trends impacting cross border employment. Delegates also benefitted from networking with peers and Taxanders alike. Bespoke meetings for clients were organised with Taxanders from around the world to discuss your specific tax issues.

Key pointers from the seminar

  • Tax impact on mid-term share based incentives > possibility of taxation in various countries due to the “pro-rata temporis” eg Canada (possible taxation on 100% of income)
    • Check countries of residence during vesting period
  • Tax impact on redundancy payments > possibility of taxation in various countries due to the “pro-rata temporis”
    • Check payment and recharge agreements to prevent upfront double taxation in eg Netherlands, Switzerland
  • Cross border employment legal issues > investigate both home and host country assignment policies
    • Include appropriate tax, social security, immigration and practical topics in assignment documentations

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Event details

Friday, 28th October 2011
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10:30 UTC
Mint Hotel, 4 Oosterdoksstraat