Taxand Global Compensation Tax Seminar

Taxand Global Compensation Tax Seminar

9 Nov 2012

Hosted by Taxand Switzerland, this seminar gave multinationals an overview of the latest compensation trends in the major economies of the world.

Together with our Taxand Global Compensation Tax team, who all lead national practices, we explored the latest global tax trends impacting cross border employment. Delegates benefited from networking with peers and Taxanders alike. Bespoke meetings for clients were organised with Taxanders from around the world to discuss specific tax issues.

Key pointers from the seminar

  • A new Swiss law taxing employee participation instruments comes into force in 2013 meaning additional reporting for employers:
    • Review your current equity compensation plan to continue to effectively manage the requirements
  • Labour law impacts employee participation plans. To minimise risk multinationals should:
    • Review your compensation plans from a global perspective
    • Undertake country specific analysis
    • Translate plans into the local country language to ensure they are understood by employees
    • Arrange for plans to be signed for electronically to help speed up the process
  • The tax residency of a commuter varies from country to country. To manage effectively:
    • Review each plan on a case-by-case basis and apply double taxation treaty rules where-ever possible
    • Use internal reporting tools to track employees whereabouts minimises risk of exposure
  • The term ‘employer’ is not only interpreted legally by also economically
    • Under economical interpretation, short-term assignees may already be liable to remit source tax for intra-group assignees
    • In Zurich a safe harbour rule means for assignments limited to up to 3 months no considerations around shifting the economic employer are made

To find out more about the latest tax news worldwide and its impact on multinationals read about Taxand's Take. Find out more about Taxand's dedicated compensation tax services and team across nearly 50 countries.

Event details

Friday, 9th November 2012
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10:15 UTC
Widder Hotel, Rennweg 7
CH-8001 Zurich