Whether you’re a recent university graduate or a seasoned tax professional, Taxand may have a place for you. Being a truly global organisation, we offer global career opportunities and global training.

Experienced tax professionals

If you’re seeking a change in your career and are focused on delivering market-leading client service, we’d like to hear from you. Consider working alongside some of the most accomplished tax advisors in the industry, participate in compelling international work and contribute to the development of less senior professionals.

Interactive Taxand Training Schools

Enjoy the advantage of first-class international training to develop relationships with Taxanders worldwide and increase your technical tax and soft skills. Taxand runs an international Training School programme bringing together juniors, managers and Taxander partner trainers. Our Taxand Next Generation School  is also  available for budding partners.


Our workforce is mobile because we have to be. Secondments between locations are commonplace and neighbouring Taxand countries often interview each other’s candidates. Moreover whilst in the job we team together day to day to meet our multinational clients' needs.

What our people say...
“The chance to be part of the Taxand global team has been a huge opportunity for me. Nothing can match the value of getting hands-on experience, working closely with senior tax advisors, absorbing their knowledge and dealing with a constant flow of interesting, challenging tax work.”
“Taxand offers high quality, global tax advice, and I enjoy being part of that process. There's no other organsation like it. I am happy to be a Taxander today, and I trust in Taxand tomorrow and in the future.”
“Cross-border work requires a cross-border organisation. Taxand is the only company I know of that can confidently provide global tax advisory work - and I'm proud to be part of that.”

Our global programme is called simply, Taxand Global Training Programme. Our objective is simple too - it's is about networking & designed to encourage teamwork across borders. It’s an investment in the development of our global tax teams.

Taxand Training

Taxand Training comprises Taxand Schools across our regions, service lines and levels of experience. Each School is tailored for its pupils but has many things in common. We regularly run a programme of schools globally for juniors, seniors, service line specialists and budding partners.

Taxand Schools

Taxand Training is complimented by local technical tax training programmes to boost competancies and keep Taxanders up to date. All Taxand Schools:

  • Are run by Taxander partners - we know our business best and lead from the front
  • Are focused on networking - we see the value in relationship building above all else
  • Offer a blend of learning - we mix soft skills, cross-border technical tax training, living our brand and more.

What our pupils say...

“A very inspiring, encouraging and positive training!”
Sanna Lindqvist, Taxand Finland         

"The interaction with the clients was a great idea and I learnt many things from them - congratulations!"
Luis Monroy, Taxand Mexico




Taxand is 10...

Taxand is 10...

Celebrating 10 years of quality tax advice, globally

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